Saying "Yes" to You

By Laurel Lederman, HHC

Guest Blogger


Life can feel strangely accelerated in the ever-evolving world we're living in. Life can seem like a 24/7 stream of information. This can often make us feel a calling to go inward, to examine who we are as individuals and how we want to serve the greater good. For me, the constant connectedness of social media served as a lesson that I need to be my authentic self, unapologetically. I recently quit a career path that I thought was "me" but which was actually an inaccurate version of myself that served no one.

The moment I said no to something so inauthentic to my truth was the same moment that my inner energy began attracting experiences and people that resonate with the "real" me. The moment you were born the universe was aligned in such a way that can never be repeated. I believe it is our duty to humanity to follow the path bestowed upon us. When you summon the courage to go for it you'll notice so many life changing shifts.

The following are 5 experiences that are likely to happen when you start being you and stop being an expectation.


1.You will say "no" more than "yes"

If you're a people pleaser, saying "NO" can feel really uncomfortable. Do it even once, and that discomfort will begin to fizzle. It starts to become fun to say no and establishing boundaries for experiences that just don't work for you. The more you say no, the stronger your intuition becomes and the more in tune you'll be with what feels like "yes!"


2. Your confidence will increase by default

When you finally get the opportunity to say yes to your awesome and unique path, you will feel unstoppable. By being courageous you will be rewarded with a newfound confidence that will light you up and in turn give others the green-light to be courageous too.


3. You will care less and appreciate more

Once the confidence kicks in you will begin to feel less concerned with the outside world and begin to appreciate all the blessings the universe has given you. You might begin to look at your life more from a lens of love and appreciation than one of fear. You will find deeper satisfaction in your relationships and your work because you will truly appreciate how much you love them.


4. Unsolicited advice will make you laugh

When you avoid stepping into your power people pick up on it and try stepping in for you. When you aren't living as your authentic self, this can cause resentment and feel annoying. But when you are living authentically, you emit a noticeable vibe of "I got this," and you'll automatically feel respected.


It's never too late to start your health journey

Laurel Lederman is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and supports individuals in finding their own path to health and inner happiness. Laurel believes that everyone deserves a personal cheerleader while making dietary and lifestyle changes - one size does not fit all nor should it! Laurel's upbeat attitude and love of life inspires her clients to see their lives from a fresh perspective while having fun making healthy shifts. Laurel discovered holistic health in 2009 while searching for ways to heal herself from chronic mental health concerns. In the process she discovered a love of yoga, acupuncture, meditation, and cooking. Additionally, Laurel is a passionate blogger and has written pieces for the Huffington Post's Healthy Living section.